We use the Pro Tools digital system to capture audio recordings, which enables complete sound processing not only in stereo for radio and TV, but also for a multi-channel cinema mix. We can dub, record synchronous SFX effects, and also record music. We have a large bank of sound effects and archive music. We also provide recordings of original custom music and the transfer of copyrights to the client.

Allows rich image processing. It is mainly used for editing and composing images, creating special film effects, and moving graphics in movies, commercials, and music video clips. The system is great for creating animations, animatics or mood films.
It is cost effective for making videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

We use this professional software for creating 2D/3D visual effects and final image composition. This interactive technology offers fast-processing visual tools in near real-time. It allows the user to embed a created 2D/3D model into a real or artificially created scene with maximum credibility. The finishing phase of the processing then offers many output formats from video, HDTV to 4K digital movies.




MadMan Production has been offering top quality audio visual services since 2000. We approach each project individually and with respect. Despite many years in business, we still enjoy our work.
We are experienced in preparation of TV commercials for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia.
We provide services both in the field of image and sound postproduction of TV and radio spots, in the production of cinema copies, online campaigns. We are also skilled in the preparation of print campaigns for international and local advertising agencies, production companies as well as directly for individual clients.
We have experience in the preparation and production of several hundreds of commercials, presentation films, documents, online campaigns, press campaigns of all kinds from press advertising or billboards to preparation of in-store campaigns and POS / POP materials.

MadMan Production offers preparation and processing of print media for any use.
We have rich experience in the preparation of billboards, full-page advertising, POS / POP materials, business leaflets and client mercantiles, including catalogs.
We work with state-of-the-art printers equipped with the best in town technology. Our selection is always based on the given category of prints.
We also offer original print cam-paigns with original graphical solutions that will capture public attention while meeting client’s goal. We also deal with creating logos, banners, editing websites, preparing in-store campaigns, and more.

MadMan Production offers adaptations of ATL campaigns into an on-line environment. We process according to the technical parameters the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest campaign, whether in the form of AV spots or banner campaigns.
At the same time, we can create videos and video stories designed to present the brand by working with the recommended youtubers. We also create a websites to support branding or ATL campaigns.

MadMan Production brings together professionals who give their know-how to add value to the projects in order to reach the highest quality results at the most optimal purchase price.
In the case of an adaptation of a TV spot or online campaign, we need the original of the spot, the original text and the information about the desired final format. We translate the text of the spot and adapt it to the Czech / Slovak language. We create a storyboard adaptation with subtitle design and voiceover settings for individual shots. We prepare casting samples of voices including our recommendation. We perform director’s viewing while editing the image or when recording actors. The whole process is continuously consulted with the client up to the stage of delivery of broadcasting materials.

Our projects, thanks to this style of collaboration, are getting approved smoothly without changes and require minimal supervision by the client.

MadMan Production, Hajní 1355, 198 00 Praha 9 • • • phone: +420 602 496 552
MadMan Production, Hajní 1355, 198 00 Praha 9 • • • phone: +420 602 496 552